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Patent Database and Report
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Find thenanotech patent informationyou need,faster,easier,and in greater detail than any other publication-GUARANTEED.

Tired of wasting countless hours searching for interesting developments in nanotech thatshould beeasy to find?Looking for up to date information on who isactively involved in filing nanotech intellectual property?Then theNanoTech Transfer Reportcould be the most importanttime savingreport you will ever read.

By reading the NanoTech Transfer Report you can

  • Keep up to date on important nanotech developments
  • Discover interesting new nanotech patents
  • Find lucrative partners before someone else does
  • 节省宝贵的研究时间
  • and much more...

"The NanoTech Transfer Report provides me with the information I need to stay in touch with the leaders in the field.Great product!"

Douglas W.Jamison,Vice President Harris & Harris Group Inc.

Don't miss out on the fantastic opportunities available in nanotech.

Government spending on nanotech has grown from under $200 million in 1997 to a level eight times higher -- and it is growing exponentially.A government funding bill for $3.7 billion over five years was signed into law last December.There is no denying Nanotech is a hot new market,andnow is the best time to get involved.

If you are interested in nanotech investing,or partnering with a university research lab,you will find the NanoTech Transfer Report to be aninvaluable time saving tool.Timing is a crucial factor when forming nanotech partnerships and this report is the most effective way to find the partners you're looking for -FAST.

"If a company is interested in partnering with us in Nanotechnology,my best advice would be to talk to us -soonerrather than later."

Dr.Morag Leslie-Smith,University of Strathclyde

Features You Won't Find In Other Publications

At Nanotechnology Now we have strived to create the ultimate report,loaded with information you cannot find anywhere else.The NanoTech Transfer Report ispacked with features no other publication has,such as:

  • Access toa searchable patent database from universities
  • Fresh informationupdated weekly on new entries to the USPTO Nanotech Patent database
  • Global coverageof US patents from Texas to Taiwan
  • Direct contactinfo for the Tech-Transfer Liaison for licensing of patent rights for each listing including hot links to: contact information,contributor's names link to bio's,CV's,and general web pages.
  • Detailed interviewswith university researchers and personnel from their Technology Transfer Offices detailing: new research,patents issued,likely applications,applicable business sectors,and specifics about Tech Transfer criteria and contact procedures.
  • Patent articles
  • Approved PatentHolders
  • Pending PatentHolders
  • Patent News
  • andBack issues!

Searchable University Patent Database Included

A key feature of the report is access to asearchable university patent database.Search or browse the listings by:

  • Keyword
  • Inventor
  • Institution
  • Application
  • Patent number
  • or Date

There are over 1000 approved university patents listed in the database,which is updated weekly!To ensure the database is as complete as possible we have also included all the latestpending patents.Searching patents has never beenfaster or easierthan with the NanoTech Transfer Patent Database.We are certain you will be impressed with this report,but don't take our word for it...

Listen to what our readers have to say:

"...searching for news and information on trends and research in the field of nanotechnology?Consider your search over!"

"The nanotech-now site is one ofthe most exciting on the web,and your creativity and responsibility in keeping this going has been terrific."

Mark Ratner,Winner of the 2001 Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology,Professor in Chemistry at Northwestern University,and author ofNanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea

" introduction to the field,最新的纳米新闻."

Science Magazine

"...provides anunusually comprehensive source of informationon nanotechnology and related topics."

James Lewis,Ph.D.Foresight Institute

"...just came across yourexcellent nanotechnology website...very nice!"

Robert Freitas,Ph.D."Father of nanomedicine"

"...anoutstanding source of reference information,and a great connection point for this emerging community."

James Clements,NanoSciences Inc.

"...I wanted to commend you for your特别报道of the happenings in the nanotech community."

Doug Jamison,VP Harris and Harris Group

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